When is Uber coming to Aberdeen?
Uber is finally set to arrive in Aberdeen and will bring with it, low cost, reliable, friendly and professional taxi services. 

There is no confirmed date for when Uber will finally arrive in Aberdeen, but it is expected the servcie will commence before the end of 2017.

Uber coming to Aberdeen
Uber coming to Aberdeen is now in the hands of Aberdeen City Council, as the company has now applied for a license to allow them to operate in the Granite City.
Uber operate their app based hailing taxi service in over 80 councils and cities around the UK, and 300 cities around the world, but not without some criticism, with London recently refusing to renew their license. Uber has appealed the decision with TFL.

Will Uber provide a safe service in Aberdeen?
Uber drivers in Aberdeen will need to be fully licensed through Aberdeen City Council and go through full background checks with Police Scotland.
Uber provide a pre-book service only through their app, which means they provide a cashless service for speed and convenience.

Uber rates in Aberdeen
Uber will bring some healthy competition to the Aberdeen taxi service, bringing great value for money and fixed rate fares which will be great for customers.
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